Live drumming

I love gigs, and playing music on stage is one of the few places where I feel completely at home. 

I've filled in for lots of different bands, and I play in some of my own as well - some full live videos are on this YouTube playlist.

Check out the list of gigs below if you fancy coming to heckle & throw stuff at me, or have a look at the list of gear I have available for live work.

The times in between gigs I'm usually out on the road somewhere in the world with a band called Blossoms, production managing and teching.


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Live Video Playlist
Photo credit: @SnapRockAndPop

Cleft at ATG 2015

Photo credit: Ali Cordrey

ATG 2015

Photo credit: Ali Cordrey

Cleft at ATG 2014

Upcoming Gigs
27th Sep 2019LondonLondonSukh
5th Oct 2019Food bank charity gigManchesterShimmies
Photo credit: Ali Cordrey

2000 Trees 2015

Photo credit: Scott Carroll

Sound Assembly Vegas

Photo credit: @SnapRockAndPop

2000 Trees 2015

Past Gigs
6th Sep 2019RebellionManchesterFederal Charm
25th Aug 2019FestivalJess Kemp
20th Aug 2019Ronnie ScottsLondonSukh
17th Aug 2019WeyfestSurreyFederal Charm
15th Aug 2019ArcTanGent festivalBristolThe Beft
20th Jul 2019Blackthorn FestivalStockportJess Kemp
13th Jul 2019Fiddlers ElbowLondonSukh
6th Jul 2019R FestManchesterSukh
3rd Jul 2019The ShedLincolnShape of Water
22nd Jun 2019Charity EventManchesterPrivate event
13th Jun 2019Soup KitchenManchesterBig Reality
7th Jun 2019O2 Academy IslingtonLondonShape of Water
6th Jun 2019AatmaManchesterShape of Water
2nd Jun 2019The UnderworldLondonFederal Charm
1st May 2019West Street LiveSheffieldSukh
28th Apr 2019Actress & BishopBirminghamSukh
27th Apr 2019Golden FleeceNottinghamSukh
25th Apr 2019The RocksteadyLondonSukh
21st Apr 2019King BillyNorthamptonSukh
20th Apr 2019Evil EyeLiverpoolSukh
18th Apr 2019Lock91ManchesterSukh
26th Feb 2019West Street LiveSheffieldShape of Water
25th Feb 2019Hotel PeliroccoBrightonShape of Water
24th Feb 2019Cavendish ArmsLondonShape of Water
23rd Feb 2019Fiddler's ElbowLondonShape of Water
14th Feb 2019Service StationHullShape of Water
18th Jan 2019The Spinning TopStockportSukh
24th Nov 2018HiveManchesterSukh
21st Oct 2018Sunflower LoungeBirminghamSukh
15th Oct 2018The CastleManchesterSukh
12th Oct 2018The BlossomsStockportSukh
18th May 2018Deaf InstituteManchesterJess Kemp
2nd Mar 2018Bread ShedManchesterSukh
15th Feb 2018Night PeopleManchesterDivine Planet
8th Dec 2017Bread ShedManchesterDivine Planet
21st Nov 2017RebellionManchesterDivine Planet
21st Aug 2016RebellionManchesterMothertongue
19th Aug 2016ArcTanGent FestivalBristolCleft
30th Jul 2016Kendal Calling FestivalCumbriaSukh
23rd Jul 2016The GlobeGlossopMothertongue
25th Jun 2016The Deaf instituteManchesterCleft
18th Jun 2016Brudenell Social ClubLeedsCleft
10th Jun 2016MaguiresLiverpoolCleft
4th Jun 2016OpiumEdinburghCleft
3rd Jun 2016BroadcastGlasgowCleft
29th May 2016Stag & HoundsBristolCleft
28th May 2016TBACardiffCleft
27th May 2016Green Door StoreBrightonCleft
21st May 2016Stag & HoundsBristolCleft
20th May 2016Sebright ArmsLondonCleft
14th May 2016Muthers StudioBirminghamCleft
13th May 2016Chameleon Arts CafeNottinghamCleft
30th Apr 2016Handmade FestivalLeicesterCleft
29th Apr 2016The WheatsheafOxfordCleft
8th Apr 2016The CastleManchesterMothertongue
3rd Apr 2016Strangeforms FestivalLeedsCleft
2nd Apr 2016Fac251ManchesterSukh
11th Mar 2016JT SoarNottinghamCleft
5th Mar 2016Fac251ManchesterSukh
8th Feb 2016The GlobeGlossopMothertongue
12th Dec 2015SuryaLondonSukh
7th Dec 2015Blind PoetEdinburghSukh
27th Nov 2015The HopWakefieldCleft
26th Nov 2015King Tut's Wah Wah HutGlasgowCleft
25th Nov 2015The Deaf InstituteManchesterCleft
24th Nov 2015Bush HallLondonCleft
23rd Nov 2015Bodega Social ClubNottinghamCleft
22nd Nov 2015Belgrave Music HallLeedsCleft
24th Oct 2015Putzuzulo GaztetxeaZarautz, SpainCleft
23rd Oct 2015SidecarBarcelona, SpainCleft
22nd Oct 20155ème AvenueOrleans, FranceCleft
21st Oct 2015AbseitsFreising, GermanyCleft
20th Oct 2015ElipamanokeLeipzig, GermanyCleft
19th Oct 2015Studio AltavistaPrague, Czech RepublicCleft
18th Oct 2015RocasLuxembourgCleft
17th Oct 2015Carefully Planned FestivalManchesterCleft
11th Oct 2015Bodega Social ClubNottinghamCleft
10th Oct 2015The Green Door StoreBrightonCleft
4th Oct 2015FlapperBirminghamCleft
3rd Oct 2015Sebright ArmsLondonCleft
2nd Oct 2015ExilePlymouthCleft
1st Oct 2015Stag & HoundsBristolCleft
11th Sep 2015The BobbinLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
23rd Aug 2015Wyrd Out festivalLondonCleft
22nd Aug 2015ArcTanGent festivalBristolTrojan Horse
20th Aug 2015ArcTanGent festivalBristolCleft
15th Aug 2015The GlobeGlossopMothertongue
8th Aug 2015GulliversManchesterTrojan Horse
1st Aug 2015Kendal CallingKendalSukh
25th Jul 2015Tramlines Festival - Sheffield City HallSheffieldCleft
23rd Jul 2015Crofters RightsBristolCleft
18th Jul 2015Beatherder FestivalLancashireLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
10th Jul 20152000 Trees FestivalBristolCleft
20th Jun 2015Private partyKendalLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
6th Jun 2015Blue RoomsBlackpoolCleft
4th Jun 2015FunctionClitheroeShimmies
17th May 2015RoadhouseManchesterWonderland Trip
16th May 2015Golden LionLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
8th May 2015Mothers RuinBristolTrojan Horse
3rd May 2015Beer FestivalKirby LonsdaleLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
16th Apr 2015Soup KitchenManchesterTrojan Horse
5th Apr 2015Strangeforms FestivalLeedsTrojan Horse
13th Mar 2015AMFestBarcelona, SpainCleft
8th Mar 2015Hoxton Bar & GrillLondonCleft
6th Mar 2015The Eagle InnSalfordJess Kemp
7th Feb 2015Not a summer festival - The CastleManchesterCleft
1st Feb 2015The Ruby LoungeManchesterCleft
31st Jan 2015The Fox & NewtLeedsCleft
30th Jan 2015GulliversManchesterMothertongue
13th Dec 2014KraakManchesterCleft
12th Dec 2014Sneaky Pete'sEdinburghCleft
11th Dec 2014BuskersDundeeCleft
10th Dec 2014Bar BlocGlasgowCleft
28th Nov 2014The FerretPrestonCleft
24th Nov 2014Hoxton Sq Bar & GrillLondonTrojan Horse
23rd Nov 2014The Old Blue LastLondonCleft
11th Nov 2014GulliversManchesterTrojan Horse
7th Nov 2014The FerretPrestonMothertongue
31st Oct 2014The Kings ArmsSalfordCleft
29th Oct 2014KraakManchesterMothertongue
28th Oct 2014Wharf ChambersLeedsCleft
26th Oct 2014The FlapperBirminghamCleft
25th Oct 2014Stag & HoundsBristolCleft
24th Oct 2014BleachBrightonCleft
23rd Oct 2014The WindmillLondonCleft
5th Oct 2014The RoadhouseManchesterCleft
27th Sep 2014Studio 11BelfastCleft
26th Sep 2014Roisin DubhGalwayCleft
25th Sep 2014DolansLimerickCleft
24th Sep 2014The Grand SocialDublinCleft
20th Sep 2014Southsea FestivalSouthseaCleft
19th Sep 2014Zombie ShackManchesterMothertongue
14th Sep 2014Chameleon Arts CafeNottinghamCleft
10th Sep 2014The Old Blue LastLondonMothertongue
2nd Sep 2014Antwerp MansionManchesterCleft
29th Aug 2014ArcTanGent festivalBristol/SomersetCleft
27th Aug 2014The Kings ArmsSalfordCleft
22nd Aug 2014Our Black HeartLondonCleft
9th Aug 2014Stag & HoundsBristolCleft
7th Jun 2014The FerretPrestonMothertongue
6th Jun 2014GulliversManchesterMothertongue
24th May 2014ThreadfestBradfordCleft
17th May 2014Carefully Planned all dayerManchesterCleft
6th May 2014The DulcimerChorltonCleft
4th May 2014MicrofestCardiffCleft
3rd May 2014The Stag & HoundsBristolCleft
2nd May 2014The Sun & MackenziesUlverstonCleft
1st May 2014Liverpool Sound CityLiverpoolCleft
30th Apr 2014Mello MelloLiverpoolMothertongue
27th Apr 2014Maguire'sLiverpoolCleft
26th Apr 2014The FerretPrestonCleft
25th Apr 2014JT SoarNottinghamCleft
24th Apr 2014The Bay HorseManchesterMothertongue
19th Apr 2014Wharf ChambersLeedsCleft
18th Apr 2014Jackson's PitOldhamCleft
28th Mar 2014Stepping Stone StudiosKentCleft
12th Mar 2014Bar 1:22HuddersfieldCleft
1st Mar 2014The WindmillLondonCleft
27th Feb 2014Sticky Mike'sBrightonCleft
24th Feb 2014Edge of the WedgePortsmouthCleft
9th Feb 2014The BrudenellLeedsCleft (with Lite/Physics House Band)
8th Feb 2014Zombie ShackManchesterCleft (album launch)
3rd Feb 2014The KazimierLiverpoolCleft (with Tera Melos)
21st Dec 2013Sleaford Cricket ClubLincolnCleft
18th Dec 2013The Good ShipLondonCleft
13th Dec 2013Bay HorseManchesterCleft
23rd Nov 2013Brighton ElectricBrightonCleft
16th Nov 2013The RoadhouseManchesterMothertongue
15th Nov 2013KraakManchesterCleft
2nd Nov 2013The FerretPrestonCleft
20th Oct 2013The CaledoniaLiverpoolCleft
19th Oct 2013Carefully Planned Festival (The Castle)ManchesterCleft
10th Oct 2013Band on the WallManchesterCleft
25th Sep 2013Sebright ArmsLondonCleft
21st Sep 2013Soup KitchenManchesterCleft
11th Sep 2013Antwerp MansionManchesterCleft
31st Aug 2013ArcTanGent FestivalBristolCleft
20th Aug 2013Maguire's Pizza BarLiverpoolCleft
16th Aug 2013KraakManchesterCleft
9th Aug 2013KraakManchesterCleft
28th Jul 2013ShakespeareDerbyCleft
27th Jul 2013Mad FerretPrestonCoroner for the Police
26th Jul 2013The GlobeGlossopCoroner for the Police
20th Jul 2013Music In The Mill FestivalNew MillsCoroner for the Police
19th Jul 2013The Blue CatStockportCoroner for the Police
13th Jul 2013The Fox & NewtLeedsCleft
12th Jul 2013KraakManchesterMother Tongue
7th Jun 2013KraakManchesterCleft
2nd Jun 2013Ryans BarDerbyCleft
1st Jun 2013Sinema City FestivalLondonCleft
31st May 2013The Silver BulletLondonCleft
26th May 2013Liverpool Calling (The Black-E)LiverpoolCleft
24th May 2013Satan's HollowManchesterCoroner for the Police
11th May 2013ZanzibarLiverpoolCleft
3rd May 2013The Old Blue LastLondonCleft
1st May 2013The Talbot HotelBurnleyCoroner for the Police
28th Apr 2013Brudenell Social ClubLeedsCleft
26th Apr 2013Royal OakChorltonCoroner for the Police
21st Apr 2013WahlbarFallowfieldCleft
9th Apr 2013Star & GarterManchesterCoroner for the Police
29th Mar 2013The GherkinNew MillsCoroner for the Police
28th Mar 2013Antwerp MansionManchesterCleft
23rd Mar 2013The Good ShipLondonCleft
20th Mar 2013Santiago'sLeedsCleft
14th Mar 2013Bakers VaultsStockportCoroner for the Police
23rd Jan 2013The RoadhouseManchesterCoroner for the Police
31st Dec 2012The GarrattManchesterCleft
14th Dec 2012The Snow Goose LiveMacclesfieldCoroner for the Police
5th Dec 2012Talbot HotelBurnleyCleft
3rd Dec 2012Ram & ShackleManchesterCleft
8th Nov 2012KraakManchesterCleft
7th Nov 2012Talbot HotelBurnleyCoroner for the Police
3rd Nov 2012Edge StudiosAlderly EdgeCoroner for the Police
2nd Nov 2012The CornerhouseCambridgeCoroner for the Police
23rd Oct 2012KraakManchesterCleft
21st Oct 2012Carefully Planned FesitvalManchesterCleft
19th Oct 2012The Moon & SixpenceGlossopCoroner for the Police
14th Oct 2012Dada BarSheffieldCoroner for the Police
13th Oct 2012The Blue CatManchesterCoroner for the Police
12th Oct 2012The Rainbow RoomsBirminghamCoroner for the Police
11th Oct 2012The Lock, CamdenLondonCoroner for the Police
10th Oct 2012Bakers VaultsStockportCleft
5th Oct 2012John O'GauntLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
15th Sep 2012The Deaf InstituteManchesterCoroner for the Police
27th Aug 2012Bar SantiagoLeedsCleft
25th Aug 2012Mello MelloLiverpoolCleft
3rd Aug 2012John O'GauntLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
31st Jul 2012The Bay HorseManchesterCleft
29th Jul 2012FuelWithingtonCleft
27th Jul 2012GulliversManchesterCoroner for the Police
19th Jul 2012Black LionSalfordCleft
7th Jul 2012The Robert GillowLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
6th Jul 2012The RoadhouseManchesterCleft
9th Jun 2012Rough Beats Festival (cancelled)ClaphamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
8th Jun 2012Rough Beats Festival (cancelled)ClaphamCoroner for the Police
4th Jun 2012Blue CatStockportCoroner for the Police
2nd Jun 2012Bedroom Bar (White Mink)Shoreditch, LondonSound Assembly
24th May 2012Yorkshire HouseLancasterCleft
18th May 2012WheatsheafGarstangLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
11th May 2012John O'GauntLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
7th May 2012Ram & ShackleFallowfieldCoroner for the Police
13th Apr 2012The RoadhouseManchesterCoroner for the Police
10th Apr 2012All FMManchesterCoroner for the Police
7th Apr 2012Half moonLondonSound Assembly
6th Apr 2012Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co.
30th Mar 2012Moon & SixpenceGlossopCoroner for the Police
24th Mar 2012Trades ClubHebden BridgeUR Penetrators
23rd Mar 2012Channel MManchesterCoroner For The Police
17th Mar 2012Night & DayManchesterCoroner For The Police
16th Mar 2012Cardiff Arts CentreCardiffSound Assembly
15th Mar 2012Joshua BrookesManchesterSound Assembly
2nd Mar 2012Dalton Rooms (w/The Correspondents)LancasterSound Assembly
25th Feb 2012StylusBenthamSound Assembly
18th Feb 2012The Park HotelLancasterTrea Udo
18th Feb 2012The Park HotelLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
10th Feb 2012Ye Olde John O'GauntLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
3rd Feb 2012The Black Cherry LoungeNottinghamSound Assembly
29th Jan 2012Puzzle Hall InnSowerby BridgeTrea Udo
10th Dec 2011La Dame de CantonParisSound Assembly
2nd Dec 2011KazimierLiverpoolSound Assembly
25th Nov 2011Dalton RoomsLancasterSound Assembly
22nd Nov 2011Retro BarManchesterCoroner For The Police
22nd Nov 2011Alice, The Other RoomsNewcastleSound Assembly
20th Nov 2011New InnClaphamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
29th Oct 2011WeddingArkholmeTrea Udo
28th Oct 2011ZeffirellisAmblesideTrea Udo
15th Oct 2011BallroomsShrewsburySound Assembly
21st Sep 2011O2 AcademySheffieldSound Assembly
10th Sep 2011Thames FestivalLondonSound Assembly
13th Aug 2011Mawbray Music FestivalMawbrayTrea Udo
30th Jul 2011HMV PicturehouseEdinburghSound Assembly
23rd Jul 2011Appleby Beer FestivalApplebyTrea Udo
16th Jul 2011White Horse InnClaphamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
9th Jul 2011Low Bentham HallBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
11th Jun 2011Rough Beats FestivalClaphamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
3rd Jun 2011Trea Udo
30th May 2011Hifi ClubLeedsSound Assembly
24th Apr 2011Dickie DoodlesKendalTrea Udo
1st Apr 2011Dalton RoomsLancasterSound Assembly
19th Feb 2011The Book ClubLondonSound Assembly
12th Nov 2010Yorkshire HouseLancasterSound Assembly
26th Sep 2010BfestBlackpoolSound Assembly
18th Aug 2010ZeffirellisAmblesideTrea Udo
22nd Jul 2010BBC Radio LancashirePrestonSound Assembly
17th Jul 2010Growing With GraceClaphamTrea Udo
12th Jun 2010Dickie DoodlesKendalTrea Udo
11th Jun 2010ZeffirellisAmblesideTrea Udo
5th Jun 2010Rough Beats FestivalClaphamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
23rd May 2010Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
22nd May 2010Yorkshire HouseLancasterSound Assembly
30th Apr 2010Bentham Biker FestivalBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
25th Apr 2010Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
24th Apr 2010Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge afternoonHorton-in-RibblesdaleLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
10th Apr 2010Dickie DoodlesKendalTrea Udo
9th Apr 2010WarehouseKendalTrea Udo
28th Mar 2010Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
6th Mar 2010Golden LionLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
5th Mar 2010Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
28th Feb 2010Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
26th Feb 2010Charity Haiti gig, Bentham Town HallBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
31st Jan 2010Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
29th Dec 2009Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
4th Dec 2009Britannia 101LancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
14th Nov 2009Golden LionLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
31st Oct 2009The MillBradfordLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
25th Oct 2009Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
22nd Oct 2009Yorkshire HouseLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
9th Oct 2009Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
27th Sep 2009Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
26th Sep 2009The Park HotelLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
17th Jul 2009Bradford PlayhouseBradfordLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
13th Jun 2009Britannia 101LancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
31st May 2009Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
2nd May 2009Golden LionLancasterLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
26th Apr 2009Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
22nd Feb 2009Black BullBenthamLumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company
9th Dec 2007The Mill (Bops)BradfordUR Penetrators
21st Oct 2007PowWowManchesterUR Penetrators
12th Oct 2007Bangor Students UnionBangorUR Penetrators
28th Sep 2007The BoxGlasgowUR Penetrators
7th Sep 2007The BoxGlasgowUR Penetrators
31st Aug 2007Rough Beats FestivalClaphamUR Penetrators
10th Aug 2007NoTiTLE Mag Mash Up @ Mine & PulseLeedsUR Penetrators
5th Aug 2007Live @ Loch Lomond Festival - Sunday Mail stageLoch LomondUR Penetrators
27th Jul 2007The BoxGlasgowUR Penetrators
20th Jul 2007Rio'sLeedsUR Penetrators
18th Jul 2007The CockpitLeedsUR Penetrators
1st Jul 2007Workhouse FestivalWalesUR Penetrators
29th Jun 2007Beatherder FestivalGisburn ForestUR Penetrators
23rd Jun 2007Mixing TinLeedsUR Penetrators
9th Jun 2007IndependentSunderlandUR Penetrators
1st Jun 2007ABCGlasgowUR Penetrators
1st Jun 2007The BoxGlasgowUR Penetrators
23rd May 2007The BrickyardCarlisleUR Penetrators
22nd May 2007Arts CentreNewcastleUR Penetrators
12th May 2007Love Apple CafeBradfordUR Penetrators
10th May 2007FavershamLeedsUR Penetrators
6th May 2007Black LionSalfordUR Penetrators
5th May 2007Holey FarmLancasterUR Penetrators
4th May 2007Rio'sLeedsUR Penetrators
27th Apr 2007Purple TurtleLondonUR Penetrators
11th Apr 2007Tescodisco @ Hedges & ButlerLondonUR Penetrators
6th Apr 2007MolesBathUR Penetrators
30th Mar 2007Bops, The MillBradfordUR Penetrators
24th Mar 2007Yorkshire House, w/Adventures of LokiLancasterUR Penetrators
15th Mar 2007HogsheadLeedsUR Penetrators
13th Mar 2007Cockpit w/ i was a cub scoutLeedsUR Penetrators
27th Feb 2007Dark ArchesLeedsUR Penetrators
15th Feb 2007NambuccaLondonUR Penetrators
30th Jan 2007Mixing TinLeedsUR Penetrators
26th Jan 2007Tiny PyeBenthamUR Penetrators
20th Dec 2006Mixing Tin w/Sky LarkinLeedsUR Penetrators
13th Dec 2006The CluneyNewcastleUR Penetrators
9th Dec 2006Mixing TinLeedsUR Penetrators
26th Oct 2006Middlesborough Empire (Club NME)MiddlesboroughUR Penetrators
25th Oct 2006Pulse Club, Leeds UniLeedsUR Penetrators
23rd Oct 2006SugarhouseLancasterRay's Music Exchange
21st Oct 2006The MillBradfordUR Penetrators
21st Oct 2006Mine Club, Leeds UniLeedsUR Penetrators
9th Sep 2006KitchenSilverdaleRay's Music Exchange
29th Jun 2006Lonsdale Extrav, Lancaster UniLancasterRay's Music Exchange
1st May 2006The Royal OakSilverdaleRay's Music Exchange
10th Jul 2005The MitrePrestonScared Of Girls
4th Jul 2005Yorkshire HouseLancasterScared Of Girls
1st Jul 2005Korners Bar, Farmers ArmsLancasterScared Of Girls
23rd Jun 2005Graduate College, Lancaster UniLancasterScared Of Girls
19th Jun 2005HustleLancasterScared Of Girls
14th Jun 2005WalkaboutDurhamScared Of Girls
9th Jun 2005The BobbinLancasterScared Of Girls
3rd Jun 2005Feedback, Korners BarLancasterScared Of Girls
8th Apr 2005Feedback - Korners Bar, Farmers ArmsLancasterScared Of Girls
26th Mar 2005Yorkshire HouseLancasterScared Of Girls
17th Mar 2005The BobbinLancasterScared Of Girls
4th Mar 2005Cartmel College, Lancaster UniLancasterScared Of Girls
19th Feb 2005Yorkshire HouseLancasterScared Of Girls
17th Feb 2005The BobbinLancasterScared Of Girls
10th Feb 2005Grad Bar, Lancaster UniLancasterScared Of Girls
29th Jan 2005Pendle Bar, Lancaster UniLancasterScared Of Girls
20th Nov 2004Pendle Bar, Lancaster UniversityLancasterScared Of Girls
9th Nov 2004The SugarhouseLancasterScared Of Girls
23rd Oct 2004Yorkshire HouseLancasterScared Of Girls
22nd Oct 2004Minor Hall, Lancaster UniLancasterScared Of Girls
24th Jun 2004Pendle ExtravLancasterBlack Velvet Elvis
31st May 2004RevolutionLancasterBlack Velvet Elvis
1st Feb 2004Grizedale Bar, Lancaster UniLancasterKudos
4th Dec 2003Graduate Bar, Lancaster UniLancasterKudos
1st Nov 2003Pendle Bar, Lancaster UniLancasterKudos
1st Sep 2000Sir John Deanes CollegeNorthwichOrigin
1st Jun 2000Weaverham High SchoolWeaverhamOrigin
1st Jun 2000Northwich Victoria Social ClubNorthwichOrigin
1st Apr 2000Antrobus Village HallAntrobusOrigin