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Any of the drum tracks below are FREE TO DOWNLOAD and can be used to help you write songs, make loops, inspire you on a new musical path, or just fiddle about with when you're bored.

I've played them so they generally have an intro, verse, chorus, middle eight and ending.  Everything has been recorded with one of my great sounding acoustic drum kits in my studio, with high quality multiple mics.

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You are free to use these for personal use with a few conditions (see here) - I'd love to hear what you make!

If you want a custom drum track for your tune, watch this video & drop me a line.

-John (The Drum Tamer)

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1st Jan 2020
Genre:Industrial, WonkyPop
Tempo:110 BPM (4/4)
Kit:Audition Japanese vintage 16"
Mics:14 channels