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Hello!  I'm John.  I'm a drummer & musician from Manchester (UK) and I love to get involved in all sorts of projects.  

I've played with prog, folk, funk, pop, rock, blues, electronica, math-rock, country and disco bands over the years so I'm always looking for a new challenge. 

Get in touch if you'd like to talk to me about playing on a record or coming to jam with you live.  I also do drum teching and recording/mixing/mastering.

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2nd Mar 2018Manchester

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Had a blast with @eskimotionjameskelly last weekend doing another Write, Record & Finish a song in a day.  I was messing around with drum-machine-influenced sounds and beats and we came up with a little 1980s style guitar and synth tune. Thought I'd pop a little clip up of some of the sounds I've been playing with, as making these kind of electronic noises on an acoustic kit is fun.  I'll have to delve deeper into it when I've got the time and try to make some more cool sounds - any suggestions on what to try next? I know Mark Guliana and Jojo Mayer are great drum brains on this kind of subject.

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