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Hello!  I'm John.  I'm a drummer & musician from Manchester (UK) and I love to get involved in all sorts of projects.  

I've played with prog, folk, funk, pop, rock, blues, electronica, math-rock, country and disco bands over the years so I'm always looking for a new challenge. 

Get in touch if you'd like to talk to me about playing on a record or coming to jam with you live.  I also do drum teching and recording/mixing/mastering.

@TheDrumTamer: "Found another rehearsal room in #Amsterdam to go and flail about wildly in. Thanks to Jam studios (who missed a tr…"
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Love playing my little mismatched dreamboat. All of the doofdoofdoof in one lightly ugly package. Gig tonight at @thecastlehotel #Manchester with @sukhsmusic supporting @port_cities 
#drums #drumkit #Gretsch


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Facebook page imageDay off tour today in Berlin (2 weeks in) and I've made my way back to the excellent noisy Rooms once again. Spending some time working on some drum... 15th Apr 2018 13:10
Facebook page imageBusy few weeks so not much time to post, hope you're all swell. Here's a quick update: Been tracking Federal Charm latest album in the studio for the past month and... 25th Mar 2018 13:41